"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory." | Dr. Seuss
Hello, my name is Martha and I love everything about photography.  If I'm not out with my camera taking pictures, I'm looking at them or learning something new about photography or possibly day dreaming of a photo trip to somewhere new. 
In addition, to taking pictures for myself I also work with the talented Brandi McComb.  I've worked alongside her for 3 years as her assistant and 2nd photographer at weddings.  With the support of my husband and Brandi, I've been able to realize my dream to become a professional photographer.  (Not exactly working for the National Geographic magazine, but it's still been great.)
I understand the importance of family events, the everyday moments and I appreciate how fast our lives go by.  I hope you enjoy some of my photographs here, and contact me soon to help preserve your memories for you.  
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